University Hall

A historic bastion atop a hill, a beacon of camaraderie and shared dreams, where architectural splendor meets the spirit of brotherhood.


Who we are

We, the men of University Hall, united in our pursuit of excellence, stand tall as a testament to the power of brotherhood and the indomitable spirit of the castle.


Champions on and off the field

On the sports fields, the men of University Hall showcase their prowess and sportsmanship, embodying the unyielding determination of HKU and the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood.


Where memories are made

From the echoes of laughter during halloween nights to the thunderous applause at High Table Dinners, University Hall pulses with the energy of unforgettable events that bring its residents together in a joyful celebration of unity and friendship.


A legacy etched in stone

Originally known as Douglas Castle, named after the visionary Sir Robert Douglas, the then Governor of Hong Kong, this architectural marvel bore witness to the birth and growth of the city's landscape, forever etching its legacy into the annals of Hong Kong's storied past.

Open to Freshmen, alumni, exchange students, public organizations, partners, and all members of the public!

Phone: 2595-0966